one USB elicenser, 2 PCs and errors of registration!!!

Hello fellow musicians!!!
I got a new computer for work, so I’m setting up everything on a 2nd system, now.
Cubase is giving me a hard time with all the E-licenseer, USB E-Licenser, Soft E-Licenser, that licenser, this licenser and all that crazy thing.
I have a physical/plug-in USB-elicenser, I installed cubase, plugged in the USB, tried to register and I received the error; THIS LICENSE NUMBER HAS ALREADY BEEN USED BY ANOTHER PERSON. u dont’ say, Cubase! DUH lol
I’ve gone through the forum, I see people saying if ONE has a physical USB elicenser, they just need to plug it in on every system they try to use cubase on. OK, THEN WHY IT’S NOT WORKING??? :frowning:
then, I read of requesting reactivation code, licesne… also that soft elicenser might be the issue, since SOFT eLicenser is what’s saved on your system, so if I need a new SOFT e Licenser for this new PC, how do i do that?



Reactivation is necessary for the Soft-eLicenser only. You don’t need reactivate or do any action with USB-eLicenser. Just plug it in, and start Cubase. No activation, no reactivation, nothing. The license is stored on the USB-eLicenser itself.

EXACTLY. that’s what I’ve come to learn and see everybody else do. but the weird errors it’s been giving me lately made me think I’m missing something here. CUZ WHAT I KNOW AND READ DONT MATCH WHAT’S HAPPENING ON MY PC lol

it gave me hard time for 2 days, but now SEEMS to be working. if it comes back again, I really dont know what to do, but selling my cubase, be done with PC, move onto apple and get logic. I’m tired of weird ass issues every couple of months


What errors?