One user, two computers?

Hi, I currently have Cubase 5 (2 dongles, and 2 licenses).

I use Cubase 5 on my main recording studio computer, and I have my other dongle for my laptop, which I take home with me.

I just upgraded to Cubase 6, forgetting that I need to run it on 2 computers. This is getting quite expensive. Is there any way I can get a multiple computer license, for 2 machines, so that every time I have to upgrade, I only have to do it once?


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No, if you have to full versions you have to upgrade both seperately.

If you only use one at a time, can’t you upgrade both and just take the dongle with the upgraded license on it home with you and then back to work with you?
Not sure but seems plausible.

You can move the dongle to as many computers as you want but im pretty sure you need to buy multiple licenses for multiple dongles

Thanks for your replies.

Yes, I can just use one dongle, as I never work on both machines at once. It’s just very tiresome having to unplug the USB key every time I leave my studio, and then there’s always the risk that I’ll forget to bring it back, and have to make the trip back home to get it, or vice versa, which could be extremely problematic during a deadline. The other thing is, these dongles are delicate! All the unplugging and transporting could break it, but again, it could be done, if proper care was taken (maybe get a hard box to put it in)… It’s just a huge pain, so I bought two, a while ago. I didn’t think about how I’d have to continuously upgrade both. :frowning:

One user, one licence, one usb key, two computers, no problem.
If you want to upgrade two keys , then I’m pretty sure that you’ll have to pay twice.
I too have broken my key - a light tap and the plastic casing dropped off exposing the circuit board. It’s something that Steinberg really should address.

Yes I agree. These keys are grossly out dated. I wish Steinberg would make a new micro key, similar to those used by most wireless mouse’ these days. I had REALLY hoped this update to Cubase 6 would have a new tiny key. Very disappointing.

I have read this and want to make sure i understand. As long as you transfer over the usb dongle thing you can install and use cubase on say a pc and a laptop?

Sure! You can install Cubase in “n” computers, moving the dongle between any of them.

Where officially “n”=3


Item 3 of “Grant of license”(EULA):

A better description could be:

You can install Cubase in “n” computers, moving the dongle between any of them.
where officially “n” ≤ 3