One very odd question about Emptying the Pool on Cubase 11 pro

Hello, so…
I tend to make many, literally daily different ‘save as’ project saves.
And, straight to the q,
if I remove unused audio data ‘then’ empty the pool,
Will it affect other ‘save as’ previous projects-related audios?

will Cubase be smart enough to know all audio files that are related to,
(…lets say…) 50 save as project cpr files…?!

Yes… I save as every day… it is just… my style to recall and roll back when I find necessary…

But yeah, I am a bit scared to do it but, finally I am asking this just to know it right.


Cubase doesn’t look too the other projects. If you would let it to delete the files from the disc, it would be gone from all projects.

I used to be space conscious and empty the pool of old takes and unused material. And then I got caught one day as there was references to another song due to importing tracks from another song. Since then (10 years ago) I just don’t bother touching the pool. Buy another hard drive or blue Ray for the bloated backups and let it be!

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aha, thanks!

Oki! different save files have different approaches for me, so better to, ‘back up’ project and move on from that one and leave the original as it is! as you said too :slight_smile:

Thank you so much :slight_smile:

There are some settings in Preferences/Editing/ Audio which may be of interest
Screenshot 2022-08-23 210332

Right right! But definitely Cubase has been, a little dummy when it comes to, organizing its audio files :slight_smile: at least for my experience! so I still believe… the best bet would be, just, leave it as it is,

and back-up project and move on from there :slight_smile:
My current project now is 45gb and… project saving file each cpr is around 185mb… so…
haha… yeah… I was just a ‘little’ worried, But good that I am almost finishing it so… yeah!

Might get a decent external sdd hard drive soon!

I just hate the warning error sign u know… haha…