One Voice- Multiple Note

Writing multiple voices is pretty straight forward. What I’m not finding is away to combine notes in one voice. If I use a keyboard to add a chord, it writes all the notes to a single voice. However, if I’m manual plugging in notes, there doesn’t seem to be away. This makes if difficult to write double stops for strings or classical guitar parts. Is there away and I’m just not finding it.

Thank you

Globally, there are loads of relevant settings at Notation Options > Voices. Locally, there’s the Voice Column Index (available in the properties panel in Engrave mode). The voice on the left will have a Voice Column Index 0, the voice on the right will have a Voice Column Index 1; if you want them to overlap then set them both to 0.

Press ‘q’ to enter chord mode. Or, use the Interval popover (Shift-I) to add by interval.

Sorry, I completely misunderstood the question. Craig is correct, of course.

Ask and you shall receive. Thank you both for quick response. I’ve tried the ‘q’ / shift i solution. shift i seems a little to much work and not natural to the creative process. But ‘q’ feels okay. ‘Notation Options’ actually addresses another struggle I’ve been having. So both solution are very helpful.

Thank you for making me a bit smarter.