One VST changes the resolution of cubase.


I have a organ plugin from Yamaha (YC-3B) and a 12 inch HiDpi touch computer that I use live on stage with Cubase elements 10.

My problem is that when I load all other plugins it works great but when loading this plugin the plugin shows correct but cubase is scaled down to only a 4:th of the screen ans really small, I have to restart it without this plugin to get the right scaling.

I have tried a lot of settings but nothing works.

Can this be fixed? What should I do? Get a nother host? Change computer (not an option)? Buy an other organ-vst (Why when I got one thats still shipping together with hardware)?

There must be some fix. Is this the only plugin thats not scaled wrong itself but it scales the host wrong?


Hi blafot

Please add a signature containing your hardware and software setup. That makes it a little easier to help.

Did you enable HiDPi? See here:

By defaut this feature is disabled and maybe that helps, but according to Yamaha the plugin is compatible to Cubase 7 and Cubase 8.

I have tryed both with and without hidpi enabled.
After loading Yc-3b the plugin shows with a normal interface and I can play it but cubase shrinks to only a of the screen and is impossible to use.
Happens only with this plugin. Its a vst3-64 bit.
How can I make cubase not change resolution?

Oh. Found out that after a reboot and a update and a new click on hidpi it works.
Problem solved.

Hi everyone at Steinberg. I have the same issue with VST SPEAK (64bit) plugin and also almost all the SoniVox plugins (64bit).
But I can’t use HiDPI… because all plugins are too small then. And UI is too big on my 32" 4K monitor. I can’t use HiDpi, because it allows me use windows 100 or 200% Dpi only. Nothing other is possible. And I need 150%. So I cant use hiDPI at all. Btw. the menus in NonHiDpi goes off the screen for no reason. See the video here:

Please Steinberg. Makeus us able to scale the UI to 125/ 150/ 175 etc DPI (windows setting)… and make plugins scalable to any size. I know very well they will go a bit blurry in HD (those who not support HiDPI), but it is the same blurryness as on nonHiDpi Setting. I will rather live with blurry, but bigger plugins in HiDPI resolutions. Make it please LIKE THIS!!!

And again, please, fix this Issue, that Cubase (or nuendo10) shrinks, while using the above named plugins.