One zoom question for mac trackpad users and a drum editor question...


In logic I am able to use key modifier alt and then use two finger movements on the trackpad to zoom vertically. I can then hold alt and command and use the same finger gestures to zoom in and out horizontally.

In Cubase I can hold command and use the two fingers to zoom horizontally, but can’t find a way to zoom vertically like this. Is there a way?

Also, in the drum editor, why is it I can select a group of midi events then copy and paste them wherever I put my cursor. But I can’t copy a group of notes from one lane (e.g. kick), then select a different lane (e.g. snare) and paste to that lane? I know I can hold alt and drag but then I have to be kind of careful as I drag.

Thanks for any help in advance.

Actually even better in Logic I can just hold alt then move up or down for vertical zoom and side to side for horizontal. Hoping Cubase has some nice trackpad functionality because I have really become accustomed to it’s advantages.