One zoom question for mac trackpad users and a drum editor question...


In logic I am able to use key modifier alt and then use two finger movements on the trackpad to zoom vertically. I can then hold alt and command and use the same finger gestures to zoom in and out horizontally.

In Cubase I can hold command and use the two fingers to zoom horizontally, but can’t find a way to zoom vertically like this. Is there a way?

Also, in the drum editor, why is it I can select a group of midi events then copy and paste them wherever I put my cursor. But I can’t copy a group of notes from one lane (e.g. kick), then select a different lane (e.g. snare) and paste to that lane? I know I can hold alt and drag but then I have to be kind of careful as I drag.

Thanks for any help in advance.

Actually even better in Logic I can just hold alt then move up or down for vertical zoom and side to side for horizontal. Hoping Cubase has some nice trackpad functionality because I have really become accustomed to it’s advantages.

G and H will zoom in and out horizontally. Shift + G and Shift + H will zoom in and out vertically.

At the moment there’s no way to use the scroll wheel or trackpad to zoom in vertically. This has been a feature request.

If you hold alt and drag and then hold command while still holding alt, it should lock the notes in their position.

Thanks mate. Yeah. Hopefully they give us some improved trackpad functionality as I love using it.