OneDrive and folders from cubase

i installed Cubase9 pro on a new desktop.
Seems like cubase and other programs (Native instr) make some folders on the Onedrive’s documents…?
I think that these are the folders for the saved changes from, for example: effects, sounds, … to save on computer , but in this case on the OneDrive…
Why does cubase put these folders on OneDrive?
Suppose i want to work Offline… Where will cubase save these maked changes that i want to keep…?

Should i deinstall all the program’s ; remove the OneDrive, and then reinstall …?
Or is that OneDrive also a folder that is stored on the computer itself (not only in the cloud…)?

Anyone who has advice on that…

Cubase does not put anything on OneDrive.
Maybe the documents folder is set to inside the OneDrive folder, anyhow it is something you would have to change in Windows and not in Cubase.