OneDrive, Prefs and tempo issues


On 10.5.2, however OneDrive needs to be operational, to be able to open a file from within Cubase or else the program crashes.

Regarding other issues, I will put additional problems I find as per replies, since I’m assuming we are likely heading for a new version towards the end of the year (or at the very least a discussion) and I want to make sure the program functions as intended, either within this development cycle or at the beginning of the next.

Thank you

Deleting preferences during startup doesn’t seem to function in the same way as deleting the whole folder using a file manager, in other words; only some preferences are actually removed using this option.

Now that we have preference management on startup (in addition to being able to choose a hardware driver) I believe now we should also be able to nominate exactly what preferences should be reset, as an option in the program.

There are some issues using OneDrive on Mac (if you’re on Mac, no specs in your signature) in general.
I use DropBox since many years now without any problems.

Hello, I am using Windows 10 Build 19042.572 and OneDrive is included in the OS.

I could use something else of course but the built-in nature of the application means it works with MS Edge (not that I am using a browser to access files) but in any case, OneDrive has had quite a few security-related issues of late but I’m wondering if there is any problem on SB’s part.


I’ve tried OneDrive as a replacement for Dropbox, because it’s part of Office 365 which I own. But syncing uses more CPU power than Dropbox and sometimes there are sync errors when running Cubase in record mode. Maybe it’s only on my system …
OneDrive in the cloud runs on a Windows system with all the restrictions of filenames e.g. So collaborating between Mac/Linux and Windows users can run into problems.

I was using 365 but I am only using the free version at this time.

As for tempo issues, there are some I believe however off the bat, it would be nice when making a tempo change in the tempo track, that the last change made would remain selected; so that jump or ramp can be applied quickly and easily.

it is not recommended to use synced folders for audio recording

Sure, but that is what I use, and there is no reason why it should not work; other than implementation of a component in the OS, e.g., Windows, or else a feature in the software, i.e., Cubase, in this case.

Regarding tempo, when you perform a global cut, all parts are selected, so why not tempo events as well?

Surely they are all seen together as elements of a project, that can be uniformly selected and managed.