Ongoing license check

Windows 11
In my system there is a ongoing license check in task manager, using some resourses.
Offline use not possible.
No project loaded.
Any ideas?

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I just bumped into this on my Windows 10 Pro system (21H2) running Cubase 12.0.40.

But I think it’s just an artifact of the Task Manager displaying an outdated label, depending on exactly when the Task Manager Processes tab is opened and the Cubase tree is expanded.

The following works on my system to force a refresh of that label:

  1. leave that tab in the Windows Task Manager and open the Performance tab instead
  2. and then go back to the Processes tab and expand the Cubase process tree again

Now the task manager should correctly display the currently opened Cubase Project as the label for that entry.

Bottom line: There’s no proof of wasted resources to see here, but it’s a misleading Windows Task Manager display label.