online Cubase DAW

Prior to yesterday, I had used a Gateway NE56R laptop, which I’d upgraded to Windows 10, via Microsoft’s upgrade free for a year program. I had gotten tons of blue screens, both from Cubase use, as well as general use of the computer. Well, I’d run a hard drive test online a few months back, and it had shown my hard drive looked to be failing. Like an idiot, I didn’t back anything up… live and learn.

I think that, once I have the money, it’ll be rather easy to get windows 10 back up and running… just swap out hard drives with a comparable one to what’s already in there - make sure it’s brand new - and use my USB stick I made w/ the Windows 10 boot software last year from Microsoft.

Honestly, I’m not surprised the disk failed… I had the computer for nearly 3 years, and had upgraded from 8, then to 8.1, to 10, then a “clean” install with the Windows boot drive… not really clean when it just sticks it over top of what’s already there… :smiley:… finally putting lots of the insider preview builds on the machine… and yesterday it just died.

So now that we all know where I stand with computer issues- let’s face it, the Pentium processor in a machine that was made in 2011 or 2012 wasn’t cutting it for Cubase - does anyone think there’s any CHANCE of Steinberg making an online only version of Cubase? Currently I’m using a Chromebook for day to day stuff.

IMO… I doubt it.
Cubase is so feature rich and requires some serious computing horsepower. Making this all work on a server that would be accessible over the web to those paying an ongoing usage fee would be a pretty neat trick. Maybe an ultra-ultralight version.

If you want something like that, purchase an iPad and take a look at Cubasis?

I never tried any of the daws currently available online… so, who knows, but I still say it is doubtful.

Regards. :sunglasses: