Online or in-person tutorials/lessons - Cubase 5 LE/drums?


First post; sorry if any of the following makes you cringe due to sounding fully uninformed!

I’ve been playing drums for over 15 years, but am new to recording (though I have been in the studio, but only performing). I purchased a Samson 8-mic drum package for my drum kit, and a TASCAM US-1641 recording module, which came with Cubase 5 LE. …So a budget drum-recording setup. I use a PC laptop with Windows 7 Pro; nothing fancy.

I’m having problems getting going. I have everything plugged in, and have recorded some 8-track drums-only files.

At first, I couldn’t hear playback within Cubase. I messed with the VST connection, and changed the driver from the US-1641 to the laptop integrated sound. So now I can hear the playback. But I’ll probably have to go reset all the input connections when I go back to record again, right?

And further, now that I can finally hear playback out of my laptop speakers within Cubase, the option to do the mix-down isn’t showing up, after doing the export for mix-down. This all sounds very confusing, I’m sure, as I’m likely explaining it incorrectly. Do I need to buy separate monitor speakers to output from the actual TASCAM, instead of using the laptop sound for output/playback, for mixing?

This leads me to the following question(s): Does anyone here, who knows what they’re doing, live in South FL, around West Palm Beach, to where I could pay them to just come spend an hour or two with me, to get me going with recording/mixing in the best way possible? Or are there good online tutorials that are easy to follow?

I’m a programmer, so I could probably eventually get things going/figure things out, but man – I’m so busy; I would love a fast in-person lesson or two. Thanks in advance. Sorry for the long post.

Problem is, Cubase can only use one ASIO driver at a time. You should really have speakers connected to your interface. There’s a generic ASIO driver called ASIO4All that will allow you monitor without switching drivers, but it’s a workaround at best.

Export Audio Mixdown is for after you have things mixed. It produces a single file combining all or desired tracks in Cubase. Go to youtube and check out some videos. Also, google steinbergusers videos for some good tutorials.

bseff: I agree with Mashedmitten on his tutorial advice to you,
but using a Tascam US-1641 and Windows 7 64 bit myself, I
would advise you to use Tascams Driver and Firmware
with your Tascam US-1641. Here’s a link, down load the best driver and firmware
64 bit windows 7 etc.

And you know the Tascam should be your soundcard.
Just plug in some Powered computer speakers into the
Headphone Jack on the front of the Tascam US-1641.

Jack :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Hey guys, sorry for my delay in checking back here. Thank you for the help! I’ll look further into your advice in the next few days and get back to work on figuring this out. Thanks again!