online setup

Hi there I have just bought Cubase 8.5 pro it comes with some DVD’s,USB stick and activation codes page. Actually I am out of country away from my studio at the moment, so I am unable to install it on my PC/desktop but, for the time being I would like to install it on my Lenovo i7 laptop (please check attached picture below) but it doesn’t have a DVD drive so how can I install my Cubase on the laptop? Can I download online setup for Cubase 8.5 to install and register?

I have a few more queries please give me detailed replies.
#1 when I get back to my studio I will uninstall Cubase from my laptop and install it into my PC/desktop so please tell me will I need to reregister Cubase online again or not?
#2 is there any validity for the activation codes that I have how many times can I use the code provided?

You could try this link to download…be warned this is a single 9Gb file so you need a decent connection.

You will activate the licence for Cubase on to the USB elicenser (the usb stick). You can install to another computer and just plug the dongle to have it work…the dongle must be plugged in while Cubase is running.

Once the code is used it cannot be re-used. All license operations happen in elicenser control centre after this.