Online Shop...Steinberg please find a better distributor

I contacted the online shop and asked if there’s no physical Manual (so why are they charging $30 extra for crying out loud…) to just download. So they canceled my order, refunded…of course that money is now on hold at paypal…crap.

anyway, I now ordered the download copy instead…33 hours to download. 33 hours!!!

I have a 20 mb connection, seriously Steinberg, get a decent download server, this is not ok.

I miss their old distributor…I’d order, next day I have my Steinberg product.
Now with these guys nothing shipped after 5 days, then instead of switching to download they cancel the order and now 33 hours of download time for 6 gigs of data…ai caramba

Please get your eCommerce poop together it’s 2013 there is no excuse for this bad service

For what it’s worth, it took me about an hour on release day to download the whole thing. I’ve got the same download speed as you.

Good luck.


No problems with DL on day X.
Took a bit longer than an hour, but went flawless.
DL-speed here is usually not quite top notch.

Since there is no manual book included in the Boxed Version,
DL is just a fine, I guess…

Big K

It ended up taking 12 hours, I guess it finally started to speed up a bit…

Yeah, It takes time.