Only 12 midi Keys!!

Ok so I have an 88 key midi keyboard.

Suddenly cubase has stopped registering any midi information for the whole keyboard except for the same 12 keys. Even when I open a new project with default settings… What’s the dealio?


This is very often on the keyboard side. Make sure, you didn’t change the settings of your keyboard. Very often it’s mainly zones changes (some zones don’t send the signal to the USB output, but to MIDI - or internal - only; or something like this…).

Also… certain vst sounds/instruments only generate midi from 12 notes. As an example some bell and chime instruments will do this (not all though). If you are saying that if you have the vst instrument set as a “grand piano” and it still only plays on the same 12 notes then obviously, as mentioned, you probably changed a keyboard setting. I would think that powering the keyboard off/on would change settings back to the default though. Maybe…?

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There could also be a Global MIDIInput Ffilter (orange icon in the MIDI track), but I wouldn’t expect this.

its was a zone setting issue. thanks very much guys. all sorted :slight_smile: