Only 18 tracks are shown in faderport 16

Can’t control tracks above 18 on faderport 16.
Whether scrolling up by channel or bank in faderport only moves from 1-16 or 3-18.
All channels/tracks work correctly in all other Daws.

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What protocol do you use? Mackie Control or HUI or MIDI Remote? How is it setup, please?

I’m using HUI

I’m using HUI from faderport selecting Cubase and using 3 Mackie controllers in Cubase


If you use HUI on the hardware side, you should use HUI also in Cubase. Why do you have 3 Mackie devices in Cubase, please?

one controller for for each 8 tracks

Hi there,
I use Faderport 16 in Cubase and you should only have 2 instances of Mackie control setup. This covers the 16 tracks of the Faderport, not the tracks in your project.

Check your Mackie setup and make sure that you have followed the instructions in the Faderport manual correctly. Once done, you should be able to scroll through the tracks in Cubase using the “Next” button on the Faderport.

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Sorry, I should also say that I am using the Faderport in MCU mode not HUI.
Here are a couple of screenshots of the setup which may help.

Thank you, will try this later today!

Hello absicrocks,
Just as a side note: If you want to make a screenshot of a single window, you can use Alt + PrtScr. This results in a screenshot of the active window only (and not your entire desktop)
Cheers ans merry X-mas!

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Thanks, you learn something new everyday.

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That was it Thank you!!!