Only 24 Input channels in Cubase Elements 7?

Guys, I am a bit disappointed. I bought this version only to find out later that it has this stupid limitation of 24 input channels. How come this is not specified anywhere? Which Cubase version provides at least 32 input channels?

Hi Pavel,

Cubase Artist 7 supports 32 inputs and Cubase 7 supports 256.
The limitation of the 24 inputs is described in this comparison website under “Recording”:
“24 physical inputs and outputs”.

As I understand I now need a license on a phisical key, in order to use Artist? Sorry, but that’s a no-go for me. I need each of the two USB ports that I have to be free. Plus I would need to carry the dongle everywhere with me (I’m using Cubase on a macbook pro), which means it could be lost.

Well, don´t buy it then…