Only 3 hours remaining on my Artist 10 license, what the?

Today i started getting a prompt in Cubase Artist 10, saying my license will run out shortly.
I ran eLicenser to check if that is correct and it does indeed show only a short time remaining on my license.
I checked online and everything seems to be in order there.

I guess i’ll see what happens a few hours from now?

[eLC screen-shot deleted - never post images showing license serials on a public forum]

The “25 hour license” doesn’t apply to my case.
I’ve had Artist 10 fully installed and registered since March of this year. Running smoothly all that time.
I’ve been getting a pop-up in Cubase all day saying my license is about to expire, though not in the last hour or so.
I’ll see what happens and hope it’s not a continuing problem.

As you can see from your own screenshot - it does

Well, like i said, i’ve had Cubase installed and registered for months now.
Also: eLincenser shows the time remaining is still the same as a few hours ago, when i made the screenshot.
I’ve not had any pop-ups or issues the past two hours or so.
Weirdness. If things stay the way they are right now, it appears the problem solved itself.
Knock on wood.