only 3 wishes...

You have only three (3) wishes - tell Steinberg what do you want in Cubase7 !

Here are my personal favorites, since years:

- new improved mixer! (all-in-one-view!!, unlimited insert slots/aux, more and better grouping options, mono/stereo channel functions, EQ “pre inserts”…)

- drag/drop in every direction! (drag/drop regions from arrange to: Kontakt-Sampler!, drag/drop Presets to tracks, etc., e.g.)

- better window handling! (all windows always-on-top!!, docking windows (like WL7, Sonar e.g.), transport-F2-window into the tools bar, MediaBay “in narrow” on the right side oft the arrange…, e.g.)

That’s up to Kontakt to implement. Not Steinberg.

My reasoning:
Halion 4 already allows this.
This means that the requested functionality is there, provided the sampler supports it.

Reaper allows drag/drop from cubase´arrange to > Kontakt with help of a shortcut e.g.
And I do not see why I should buy again another sampler for a lot of money?
So, I would like to see a stripped-down onboard (Halion4?) sampler in cubase - every other daw comes with a sampler these days (Logic>EXS24, StudioOne>SampleOne, AbletonLive´s Sampler, etc.)

my 3 wishes are:-

  1. Give us colour coded mixer strip backgrounds for different types (Channel/Group/FX…)

  2. Improve the score editor - it’s about time it had an update (all notes end up on top of each other sometimes)

  3. We need a plug in manager to organise how the plug in’s show up (VST3 in particular)

  1. A bridge between Quickcontrols (automation) and MIDI CC’s lanes

  2. A/B comparison of mixer tracks, similar to: “Cycle Monitor Selection” in “Control Room Mixer”

  3. Possibility to group notes in the key editor

My three:

  1. The ability to re-arrange/move tracks from inside the mixer (instead of having to move them in the project view).
  2. More ‘character’ plugins.
  3. Selecting multiple tracks and having the option “send to new group” (Almost like the new folder track function, but with group tracks).
  1. Ditch MDI
  2. Ditch MDI
  3. Ditch MDI
  1. One full screen mixer with tabs to group your channels.
  2. Volume slider for Clicktrack + Editbutton for outputbus right on the transportbar.
  3. A better GUI to show plugins including editor to place them in categories etc.

not the same, but CTRL+left mouse on click in transportpanel opens the metro´s window.
Nevertheless we need a volume slider for click.

I know, that is one click and then you have to adjust two sliders…That are three steps :frowning:
A keycommand to open it would also sufice, still the abbility to link sliders would be very welcome.

We have already heard that #s one and three will be implemented in the next version. Whether it will meet our expectations or not is the question. I think it would be cool to be able to drag audio and MIDI parts to your desktop or folder on your HD. That would be wicked fast. :wink:

We have already heard that #s one and three will be implemented in the next version

Really :smiley:
Where did you get that info, missed that, but that would be awesome…

erm… who is “we”?
and… where exactly you’ve heard that?

  1. next step in quality of sound, maybe 64 bit?
  2. much better stretching algo
  3. unlimited mixer slots

cant wait :slight_smile:

DJ Neo, what´s wrong with the audio engine? I´ve been a long time Logic and ProTools user, but in my personal ears steinberg daw software “sounds” (a daw should sound neutral!) best in this comparison. And I think it has nothing to do with modern “overrated” (my opinion) 64 bit signal floating - more important is the experience of the -> audio engineer… But you´re right, this is probably the future: 64 bit.

Chris informed us several months ago that mixer inadequacies will be addressed in the next version. Something similar about the windows management, I will try to find. :wink:

Edit: Chris’s posts

As for windows management, we have discussed in deleted threads that there was proof in the layout of Halion 4 that Steinberg has recovered some code from the older Cubase versions. No confirmation from any admins, but we are pretty confident. :slight_smile:

I really like all the suggestions, very nice guys. The exception would be the need for a 64 bit audio engine. I’ve had that since Sonar 5 (2005) till just last year, and Cubase’s audio engine sounds just as good. 64 bit is gimmick, just like 192 KHz (though I don’t oppose it). I just feel that, compared to the other wishes, a 64 bit audio engine is not priority and I imagine that’s why Steinberg hasn’t bother implementing it yet. Seriously, you’re not missing out in sound quality with Cubase :wink:.

[In response to DJ NEO]

Control room has a click volume slider.

Cubase is defently 1 of the best DAWS on the market in my opinion, but i do feel it lack a few but very important features, that ALL the other haves when it comes to workflow.

----> Drag´n´drop to other vst´s ( battery3, Kontakt, and so on )

----> Better window handling ( All windows on top or docking )

----> Handling multiable outs better. I really hate working with the rack extension. I love the way how Studio one handle it, when having multiable outs from battery for ex.

Beside that, im very happy with Cubase.

is that pre or post transport bar?