Only 4 controllers in the new MIDI-Remote-Management?

There are basically only 4 supported controllers by the Cubase 12 MIDI-Remote-Management: Arturia KeyLab Essential/MiniLab, Novation Launchkey, Akai MPK Mini, and Korg nanoControl. Were there no other controllers in Steinberg’s office? Unbelievable, there isn’t even support for their own CC121. Maybe someone will upload a script on this forum? Or will Steinberg deliver in Cubase 12.1?


They provide the interface for creating remotes, and give some examples.

I think this will be much discussed and there will be lots of hints to help people get going on it, and I suppose advanced users might share tips and scripts too.

I know it’s really easy. That’s why I’m so surprised they didn’t use it themselves.

I dno’t know if it’s easy, and they did, they made four.

Wait? Arturia KeyLab Essential not keylab mkii?.. hmm might have to wait on installing read more still purchased but dont really want to tweak right now…

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Yes, it looks like they only support cheap controllers. Maybe they sent the intern to the local shop to buy as many controllers as possible for 2000€. :grinning:


There is support for our CC121. the same that has always been there. The new MIDI Remote system addresses hardware midi controllers that have NOT been supported yet. As @Matthias_Quellmann said, this is the beginning. We will continue delivering more factory scripts within the next months and years. Instead of waiting for the factory script please use the Surface Editor tool to create your own integration.


I can confirm that the CC121 is working just fine in Cubase 12.
The new MIDI Remote Integration in C12 seems pretty straight forward to me. :slightly_smiling_face:

Just watched the video on YouTube by Dom:


So no integration of CC121 into the new MIDI Remote system? If it’s easy, please do it.

Can anyone point me to a list of compatible MIDI remote devices?

I don’t think it should be the question of "if it’s easy " i think they should just "do it "
Great isn’t it , while the Steinberg coders faff around helping people get their controllers scripted our Steinberg hardware becomes obsolete. The day they stopped supporting the CMC’s my QC controller broke, funny that … NOT , im extremely pissed about it to be honest.
They break standard functions, break your frigging hardware and leave for MONTHS with no fix but if a scriptor snaps him of her’s finger and starts crying because of a page button doesn’t work they jump on and sort it out straight away. EXTREMELY pissed off about this

The hardware drivers are using the more complete API. It is not available for everyone, and the new remote midi interface are not on par with that API so can not be done. I think it should have been a “toll-gate” for the project to implement CMC and CC121 and publish them as real world example instead of the non cubase specific products they used. Nothing wrong with them as such, but they are keyboard controllers intended to control synths not to control DAW’s.

Were other controllers that are officially supported ever added to this list?

One of the best Cubase remote scripts I’ve seen to date is for the Keylab mkII.

It is a very well done remote that features paging (each control can do many things by using drum pads 13-16 as ‘shift/ctrl/alt/fn’ controls (If you need them to become actual drum pads, switch to a user preset). It’s very well designed and extremely useful.

For areas where the new remote scripting engine is still lacking…this setup makes no excuses. Instead it ‘also’ hooks into Mackie Universal Control aspect of Cubase and ‘gets it done’. A few ‘optional’ features still use the legacy remote system I think; but, the important thing is that it flat out works, and does a GREAT JOB. You really can ‘drive’ a Cubase Session and barely touch your mouse or computer keyboard! This script makes the mkII and Cubase blend together more like a seamless ‘workstation keyboard’ :slight_smile:

mchantzi here on the forums maintains it, and it’s chock full of masterful scripting techniques to ‘learn from’.

It can be found here.


Hello Brian_Roland
Does it intergrate with CB13 pro?

I have Cubase 13 installed to have a look around but I have not put it to use in an involved project yet.

Thus far in my poking around it does seem to work fine in CB13pro. I have not noticed any issues with the mchantzi mkii scripts, but I’m still well under 2 hours total time putting CB13 through paces.

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