Only able to freeze 6 insert effects

Hi there,

I went into the following issue with Cubase pro 9.0.4. I have an audio track with 8i inserted effects. When I freeze the track, only 6 insert freeze and the remaining 2 are not frozen.

So what can I do to freeze all inserted effects?

Many thanks for your help,



Inserts nr. 7 & 8 are Post-Fader Inserts. Therefore they cannot be frozen. In Cubase 9.5 you can choose how many inserts are Pre-Fader and how many are Post-Fader. Moreover you have 16 Insert slots available here. Maybe a reason to update?

Dear Martin,

Many thanks for you reply. Everything is very clear now, and yes I will need to update!

Many thanks again for your help and all the best,