Only Copying 1 Stave

I presume I’m doing something wrong here, but I’m unclear how to search for what my issue is.

I’m dealing with midi import. What I’m doing is importing to create a new document, and then copy/pasting the material into my actual score. However, whenever I copy from multiple staves, like a grand staff from a piano, when I paste into the new score, it only pasts the first stave.

I don’t have this problem when copy/pasting within the score itself, only when copy/pasting between projects. Is there a better method, or some option I’m unaware of for this? Thanks!

Do you have the instrument filter on?

No, on neither project.

And it’s only happening when copy/pasting from the midi imported project to a new project? Rather than from any project?

Grand staff is “1 instrument (staff)” with two voices. At least in how Dorico handles it.


I just tried and it happens for me too. Unless I’m pasting into a keyboard instrument (from a keyboard instrument), it only pastes the top stave.

Ah ha. That makes sense. And also makes sense why you can’t paste from two single-staff instruments into a grand staff instrument - it pastes the top stave into the first grand staff instrument, and then the bottom stave into the next lower instrument.

Well, I’ve not attempted to copy/paste between two projects outside of midi import. I’ll try making a dummy project and copying out of that to see what happens.

Ok, that was VERY interesting. From a dummy, freshly made Dorico project, it copied and pasted fine.
My midi import file came in as two grand staff pianos. Pasting my dummy material (from 2 staves) into the midi import file, pasted it into the two INSTRUMENTS - which is to say that it skipped the bass stave of the first piano, so that both staves that I’d copied actually pasted into 3 staves, with one of rests.

Dummy file

How it pasted into the midi imported project (you can see how it skipped the bass stave of the first piano)

NOW, if I reselect it, it’ll grab the middle rests (the skipped bass staff). Either way, copying this material, with or without those inner rests, they’ll paste in full into my main score document. If the rests are selected, then the paste will cover 3 staves, if they’re not selected, the paste will cover 2.

BUT, even with the successful pasting of this dummy material-through midi import document - if I select any of the actual midi imported material that covers 2 staves, I still only paste the top selected staff! So now, I’ve got material in this midi import document which will copy and paste correctly (which originated from the dummy file) AND material which will not! SUPER bizarre!

See @dan_kreider’s post above.

Yeah it’s always been the case that you have to select one staff at a time for consistent results where there’s a grand staff involved.

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Hmmm interesting. So, if I were importing, say, a string ensemble midi (which is my case), rather than having it come in on a grand staff, it might be better if I assigned it to split into, for example, Violin and Cello - which is basically a grand staff, but it’ll register as two instruments and then copy the way I’m thinking?

I think that might do the trick.

You could also use the Explode function, to copy music from one instrument (piano) to multiple instruments.