Only Cubase is active

Hey guys,

I’m using Rode AI-1 audio interface and the problem I’m getting is that when I run Cubase, it kills the sound in any other program. I’m pretty sure that if I was using something like a proper audio interface from RME, it would not be a problem, but I have right now what I have and I wanna ask if there’s any workaround or something that I don’t know, that would help me use Cubase and, say, YouTube in Chrome. Spotify, VLC - at the same time?



Make sure you are using other (but ASIO) driver type (WDM?) in the other applications, please.

The program I need the most to work with Cubase in background is Chrome, but I can’t seem to find anyway for it to work

What I mean by that is, I can’t find settings for sound in Chrome.

This problem for me is huge. I basically cannot use Cubase.