Only first AU is visible and hides the others

Well, I wouldn’t be surprised to discover I’m making a terrible mistake here but I’m really locked.

I compile two plugins with the AU wrapper.

When only one is installed, it works ok.
When two are installed, only the first one (in alphabetical order) is visible.
If I remove it, it remains available. Open: opens the other one (but under first name).
Restart the Mac (only 2nd was left): the 2nd one is normally available.

Looks like they overlap and are identified as the same one but really can’t say from what.

UIDs are different
Names, descriptions, etc. in the plists are different (bot in the VST sub-plugin and in the AU)
Names, descriptions, etc. are different in audiounitconfig.h
Same thing in version.h in the original plugin
Bundle names are ok (in “General” properties in XCode)

Two out of one:

  • I’m making a terrible, basic mistake (happens).
  • The wrapper is not working (well, would be weird, as there aren’t reports like this one, I think).

Really crazy. Any idea or any tool I could use to look more in depth?

auvaltool behaves like Logic (and Reaper): only the first one is recognised.

Still a beginner after so many years. The answer was the first one.
Please ignore this post :triumph: