Only Full Score Prints even though parts are all ready to go in layout mode.


I am having an issue printing the score and parts for my project. All the parts appear under “Layouts”, but when I select a particular part and then go to print it, the full score appears in print mode instead. What am I doing wrong? All the parts have been edited and are ready to be printed, but I cannot get them to appear in print mode.

Thanks for any advice!

You need to go to print mode and THERE select the layout you want to print (select it from the left column)
You can select different layouts at once to batch print/export to pdf

Thanks so much! This worked so easily! For some reason the panel had been hidden in print mode and after working so late I didn’t even know it was lurking there all along.

This just made my day!

Several times I have printed the wrong part. In Write & Engrave mode you choose the part you want with the drop-down at the top centre. You do some edits, then choose Print mode. The drop-down is still visible and still shows the part you were just modifying, however what actually gets printed is the part selected in the Layouts panel (which for the OP was hidden), which is not necessarily the same as the one from the top centre drop down. I find this confusing because the top centre drop down remembers and uses the part when switching between Write and Engrave modes.

For what it’s worth, I agree that this is somewhat confusing and have tripped myself up a few times even after using the program for many hours…

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Not to be contrary, but I actually prefer the distinction here between what is visible (current layout) and what is being printed. Same thing with layouts in Setup Mode. If you’ve created or modified a layout, you have to select it at the top to actually view it.

I’ve grown accustomed to this functionality and wouldn’t want it to change!