Only getting 2 instrument tracks

I used a drum loop from micro sonic, and played some simple 2 note chords on micrologue. I go to add a 3rd instrument track and it breaks up like crazy, as in totally undoable. What’s up with that? If I can’t use more than 2 tracks this program is pretty useless to me. Help?

And yes, all my other apps are closed, nothing running in the background.

Hi Joe,

can you please specify which iPad you are using and what version of iOS?

Ipad 3 with 7.0.3.

Just in case this was read already, I updated my previous post. The version is 7.0.3. I originally wrote 7.1.

That sounds weird, I’m working on projects with over 10 audio tracks at 24/96 and at least another 10 MIDI tracks.

Have you rebooted your iPad? Try running the free app cMemory too and turn airplane mode on.

I rebooted. Installed cMemory and it says 43% of my memory is being used? That’s with ALL apps, including cubasis closed, and in airplane mode. I increased polyphony to the max in settings. Not even using a lot of notes though. Anyone else have any ideas what the problem might be? I’m pretty bummed cuz I have have a great opportunity to get some music done right now, and can’t :/.

Turn down the polyphony. 43% is about right.