Only got sound in my left ear.

Macbook Pro
PreSonus Firestudio
Cubase Elements 7


I´ve connected my headphones directly into the soundcard (PreSonus). When I record, I got sound
in both sides of my headphones. But when i play it back, I only got sound coming from my left side on my

How come thats happens, and how do I fix it?

Thanks for all the replys!

It seems you recorded in mono.

Check if your track inside Cubase and/or your output in the Presonus is panned to the center.

Otherwise your mono track will be on your left channel only.


Thanks for the reply!

When I add a Stereo Bus under “VST Connections”, the left and right is “Mic insert 1” and “Mic insert2”. But I only got one plugged into the soundcard (guitar). Is this correct?

That’s correct to record a stereo track but as your guitar is mono you must create & use a mono buss too.

Ok. I don´t quite understand. I need two tracks? A Mono and a Stereo track? I dont mean to be “dumb”, but could you explain it step by step? What I do, is I go to “Devices” → VST Connections → And add a Mono Bus. Is this the correct way?

Thanks again for the reply!

You just need to record your guitar to a mono track.

What I do, is I go to “Devices” → VST Connections → And add a Mono Bus. Is this the correct way?

Yes - Add Mono Bus - Assign to Mic insert 1

Then create and record to a mono audio track and set Mono in as the input for it.

Now just to confuse things a bit…if you specifically want a stereo result because you are using an amp simulator with stereo effects then you can create a stereo track but still select the mono in.
If you already recorded mono you can create a stereo track and move the mono file to the stereo track…& in all these cases it will be mono but centred not on one side.