Only midi track get audio but other didn't

I already set up all the audio and make sure the asio is same to my computer audio output. Also, I have checked the studio setting and audio connection. However the audio still didn’t come out when I create the tracks other than MIDI track, the audio only came out when I using the MIDI tracks… and my midi keyboard work on every track because I saw the right bottom is keeping active. I am sooo confused now I don’t know what can I do.
Hope someone can help me, thank a lotttt!!! :sob: :sob: :sob:

Some questions:

1 - PC or Mac
2 - Exact version of Cubase
3 - ASIO driver you are using
4 - Audio interface

Thinking about your problem, you will likely run into other issues down the line. Provide as much information about your setup as possible, and we will address your entire workflow (paying forward).

1 ) pc
2) 11.0.40
3) Realtek
4) i dn have any

thank you a lot!!!

Great, now lets get a little more info, and a couple things to do:

1- Windows 10 version?
2 - I meant to add, are you on Cubase Pro? And, pls upgrade to 11.0.41 if possible (see link below)
3 - Pickup an A/D, see item 4 below, and use the ASIO driver from that. The fact that you are using Realtek, or any sound card, will guarantee unpredictable, compatibility, performance issues. Even when playing a basic VST instrument. Not to mention it will likely not work on a project in need of higher buffer settings.
4 - Again, if you have the means, buy an external USB A/D that supports at least 96kHz. Realtek is fine for basic PC level work, but should never be used in a serious DAW workflow (its way to problematic). This will be an important thing to prioritize up to the top of the list. Steinberg makes great A/Ds, and you can start a new topic asking for recommendation on an A/D for the type of mixing you do. Meaning, there are A/Ds better suited for tracking, that support many inputs. And there are A/D mainly for output to various monitoring configurations (stereo/surround/headphones).

Below is a photo of my setup for doing just vocals/voice-overs. and monitoring through headphones for mixing in Dolby Atmos. I rarely do any mixing on speakers. IMO, the price to value ratio, in this modern day with mobile first, TV surround, and listening in automobiles.

Here is my simple setup with an inexpensive A/D and headphone AMP.

I added the audio monitoring signal chain diagram for you in the photo.