Only move LEFT/RIGHT markers by holding CTRL & ALT

On Nuendo 1.6, you could only move the LEFT marker by holding CTRL and clicking and only move the RIGHT marker by holding ALT and clicking on the timeline at the top of the project window. I LOVED this feature since I constantly click on the timeline to move the song cursor, and zoom.

On Cubase 5+, you can click on certain spots on the project’s timeline at the top of the screen and turn the pointer into a “scrolling hand” and accidentally slide the LEFT/RIGHT markers around. If you click in another certain spot on the timeline, the pointer turns into a pencil and re-writes the LEFT/RIGHT song markers. This has been annoying to me ever since I upgraded to Cubase 5. Since the Project Timeline ruler at the top of the screen is used so often, it’s a disadvantage of have the song’s markets so easily moved around. I have rendered down many songs in Cubase incorrectly because I unknowingly moved the regions.

+1 Just search for ‘Lock Locators’. This is one of the most annoying things in Cubase -ever-.