Only one instrument - work on score or part layout?

When I have a piece for a solo instrument (piano in my actual case) what is the officially advised way: Do everything in the score layout or the part layout?

The part layouts use standard masterpages where the instrument name is printed on every page which is not neccessary when there is only one part.

The score however is per default set to a smaller staff size so there’s also at least that I’d have to change. Also there are settings like displaying every bar number which is impractical for parts.

As far as I know, it is easy to propagate changes made in the score to the part but not vice versa.

I fear that whichever route I go there are some pitfalls I do not foresee at the moment, so I would appreciate some advice if there is a preferred way suggested by Steinberg.

It really makes no difference as long as you work consistently in one layout. If it makes life easier, delete the redundant layout from the right panel of Setup mode.

Per factory settings, the only difference is the Master Page, and if you were to start work in the part layout and then realise you didn’t need the instrument name at the top of each page, it’s not terribly many clicks to go into Layout Options and tell the part layout to use the Default Score Master Page Set.

Staff size: 7mm is the factory default for both scores and parts. Various templates override these, and you may have saved your own default Layout Options for score layouts or part layouts, but the factory default for both is 7mm.

The Solo Piano template overrides the instrument name at the start of each system, so there’s no difference between part layout and score layout there.

Bar numbers are again set to the start of each system for both parts and scores, per factory defaults - again you may have customised these defaults yourself.

Propagation is a two-way street these days, with the exception of enharmonic spelling (which automatically propagates from score layouts to part layouts but not the other direction).