only SB plugins load in 64 bit Nuendo on Lion

Nuendo 5.5

Just want to verify this behavior is expected:

Snow Leopard: Nuendo 32 bit: all plugins load
Snow Leopard: Nuendo 64 bit: all plugins load in bridge
Lion: Nuendo 32 bit: all plugins load
Lion: Nuendo 64 bit: only steinberg plugins load

Why in Lion running Nuendo 64 bit mode do only Steinberg plugins will load?
The app can run in 32 bit mode in Lion, why not the plugins?

you don’t say which other plugins you have (you should stick all that info in your signature). my guess is that you use waves. they (incredibly) haven’t yet released 64bit-compatible versions yet.

No waves. But 64 bit nuendo Doesnt even wanna try 32 bit plugins on lion even though it works on snow leopard? Interesting.

i suggest that the plugins simply won’t run in lion.

can you tell us what the plugins are?

In Lion, all my plugs run fine in 32 bit Nuendo. None work in 64.

UAD (I know they aren’t 64 bit yet), voxengo, Line 6, SSL, iZotope, etc.

My question is, if Nuendo 32 bit app can run in Lion, why doesn’t the 32 bit bridge work in Lion, like it works in Snow Leopard?

Don’t just tell me my plugins aren’t 64 bit, it doesn’t make sense that apps can run 32 bit in a pure 64 bit OS but not plugins. Although that may just be the case.

Would like confirmation from SB.

Am I missing something? Today I loaded Nuendo 5.5 64 bit and opened an old session, it could find the plugins that were in the session even though they are installed. The plugins show up in the insert list, they just don’t load. and again, 32 bit Nuendo sees them fine.

Is this expected or am I not doing something correct?

Plugins that DO load:
-Steinberg VST2,3
-iZotope RX VST2,3
-Melodyne VST3

Plugins DO NOT load: