Only show Lyrics in a Player

I am composing music which includes a Narrator. I have put in the Text as Lyrics on a single Line Percussion stave. Is it possible to hide Notes, Rests - Everything, except the lyrics globally on this player? Hiding the Noteheads and stems is no problem. The Rests are exhausting. I only found a way to hide them with the start and end Voice Option. Is there a was to hide Rests on a Player globally?

And the bar rests are not removed globally by unchecking the box in Layout Options “Show bar Rests in empty bars” for the Narrator. There must be an Option ovrwriting this Behaviour. Any Hints?

Regards Henrik

You could add notes to the places where you currently have rests, and hide them – it perhaps doesn’t matter if ultimately you’re hiding everything apart from lyrics on that staff?

Another option is to add e.g. a bar repeat region to this staff, then (provided you don’t need real bar repeats anywhere else), modify or delete the bar repeat symbol in Library > Music Symbols. That way, Dorico should show nothing on the staff.

If the whole bar rests are not disappearing when the layout option is set correctly for the layout you’re currently viewing (that’s worth checking), then check the bar rests themselves that they aren’t explicit rests. Or, bear in mind that if multi-bar rests are enabled in this layout, single bar rests are treated differently (as if they were a multi-bar rest comprising one bar).