Only show slash notation


I’m using a Kontakt plug-in for a rhythm guitar that plays patterns in tempo (it’s the Akkord Guitar in Kontakt Factory). I’ve input chords in Dorico 3.5 (which Kontakt uses to generate patterns in that chord / key) and have input slash notation also, which is what I’d like to appear on the part / score. How do I hide the original chords and only show the slash notation in Dorico?

Any help would be great.

p.s. for the Dorico team, the plug-in in Kontakt does not correctly tempo pick up the DAW tempo from Dorico.

Chris King

Sorry, I’ve got it - I just couldn’t find the ‘Create Slash Region’. button!

All sorted.


Hi Chris, another (easier) way is to select the region you want, Shift-R, “slash.”