Only Sonic SE appears in Pro


Something seems to have gone wrong with my installation. I have Dorico 3 Pro, but I only see “Dorico Beeb” and “Halion Sonic SE” at the VST instruments list in the “Play”-tab.

I know that the other libraries (symphonic orchestra, olympos choir micro etc.) are installed, as they show up in steinberg library manager (and as physical vstsound -files below Programdata\Steinberg\Content).

I already tried things like removing all of the sound libraries with the windows App&Features -thing and deleting the folder VSTAudioEngine3_64 from below %AppData%\Steinberg.

There is something in the logs that could relate to this. Somehow it looks like it wouldn’t recognize the license for the sound libraries, even when the main program runs just fine. I get lines like this at log:

2020-01-18 01:58:24 : loadPreset plug 136 (type 3): vstsound:/VST3 Presets/Steinberg Media Technologies/Symphonic Orchestra/Program/Glockenspiel.vstpreset?archive=AF828769790F4CDC8504B5994CCEFC98
2020-01-18 01:58:28 : Server wants deactivation
2020-01-18 01:58:28 :  => not applied or resumed (from activate)

Also, after uninstalling the sound libraries, when I reinstall them, the HALion Sonic SE always is a “reinstall”, not an “install”, so it looks like it doesn’t go away properly.

I’d attach the diagnostics file, but it’s too big for the forum rules. There’s a VSTAudioEngine3.exe.14020.dmp in the “crashes” -foldes inside, that’s almost 24MB in size.

Actually, it is correct: HALion Sonic SE is the VST instrument that gets delivered and installed with Dorico Pro. HALion Sonic SE does not have the vast editing capabilities of the other HALion versions, but it is capable of playing back all HALion sample libraries, including HALion Symphonic Library.