Open 2.3. ending?

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I assume this means there is not a native method for writing a 2nd & 3rd ending with an open bracket, is there? I have added “3.” as text, unless there’s a more robust way.

Select the ending bracket in Engrave mode (which is the only place you can select a single ending) and set its Times Played property to 2.

I’m pretty sure there’s also a property there for whether the bracket should be open or closed, though I’m not in front of Dorico just now.

Tried that. It makes a closed 1.2. ending followed by an open 3. ending (as the User Guide describes).

Sounds as though you’re selecting the wrong ending bracket, perhaps? Or maybe the whole thing needs a greater number of times played or number of repeats.

Whether or not it appears as open or closed by default is an engraving option.


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Thanks Craig - I knew I’d done it before and that it’s possible, but I’m still not in front of Dorico so missed some details.


This is my perennial issue when I’m just looking at my phone in random places (and habitually checking this forum).

Thanks all. At the time I was in a hurry and used the Custom text field. Later I came back and read carefully and understood the correct settings.

I had gotten as far as {Notation Reference > Repeat Endings > Changing the total number of playthroughs in repeat endings} in the User Guide but I didn’t see the sub-topic (4th level down) “Dividing playthroughs across repeat ending segments” that explains this. Now I see the next-topic link at the bottom of the page content – and the subsection in the TOC, which eluded me.

@Lillie_Harris This is a good example of the learning curve with this User Guide, even for someone like me who enjoys reading documentation. Next time I’ll know certain places on the page to check for more info.

A fairly recent improvement to the online documentation is the addition of disclosure arrows, which both indicate the existence of sub-topics and allow you to expand them to view them.

Another thing I did for this particular pair of properties is to include an “After completing this task” nudge on the first page (Changing the total number of playthroughs in repeat endings) that is intended to clarify why you might want to read on to the next page.

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hi ! i have the same question, and my apologies, but i’ve tried doing this exact thing and i can’t make it work. i’m trying for 2 endings ,‘’ and ‘2nd./3rd’. and the best dorico can do for me is a 1./2. ending followed by a 3rd ending . (the 2nd / 3rd ending is 12 bars long . so on a related note, can i choose how long to make the ending bracket ? )

please include screenshots and rudimentary explanations if possible (i.e. what does dorico mean by ‘no. endings ’ and no. times played’, because they don’t mean what i understand them to mean )

thanks !


“No. endings” means “number of possible ending segments in the overall repeat ending structure”. i.e. how many bracket segments, separated by repeat barlines.
No. times played” means “total number of goes-around that you’ll hear played”.

To give the 2nd “time played” to the 2nd ending segment, see here.
To make the 2nd ending segment’s bracket longer, see here (essentially drag the end handle in Write mode).

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