open 2 monos in a stereo

How open 2 monos files (in reality it’s a stereo recording splitted in 2 mono files) to make a stereo file in wavelab element 7 ?

Thank you.

Editing of dual mono files is only available in WaveLab.

In WaveLab Elements 7 you could proceed as follows:

  • Create an Audio Montage with two mono tracks
  • Insert your files (- l track 1 -, -r track 2)
  • Pan the tracks to left and right, using the pan envelope
  • Render as stereo file

ok cool, thanks for this way !

Open your 2 mono files in Wavelab.

Go to File > New > Wave (CTRL-N)

Select Stereo and correct SR

Copy and paste mono files into new stereo Wave.


yes it works !
Warning : you must select only one channel (left / right) to paste each file.