Open 9 Artist or Elements in Cubase Pro?

I own Cubase 9 Pro and have owned the Pro version for years. Now I teach others and would like to occasionally be able to actually start and open either Artist or Elements-instead of Pro. That way I can see exactly what my student sees-and be literally on the same page. Is there a way to do this without having to purchase “down”?

You can run Elements with the Pro license, By installing the Elements installer. You can´t run Artist with a Pro licens AFAIK

+1 to Svennilenni’s comment.

The reason you can’t run Artist is that it’s the same executable file as Pro but the license you have determines which bits are activated and if you’ve got a Pro license you get everything.

Almost six years later but in case anybody runs into that question:

If you have Cubase Pro you can use Cubase Artist. Hold down the Alt key on launching Cubase. When it arrives at its license check it will ask you whether you want to continue with Pro or with Artist.
That’s PC, I wasn’t able to verify it on Mac.