Open an LE or PLE preset via a standard menu and key command without applying it

I really like the improvements to PLE/LE and really hope they continue development in this part of the program.


Definitely need to be able to prompt open presets without applying them.


Which command exactly did you try to use, please?

Hi, it was a custom MLE script to randomize midi velocity.


You can do so. Just go to the Project > Project Logical Editor > Setup.


Could you share it (the screenshot) or the description, please?

Hi Martin, with due respect, this topic is now quite old, and many users have chimed in, it seems you are not understanding the application that used to be possible but now no longer is.

It is not possible to open a specific command without applying it.
Yes you can open the menu, but not a specific macro as was possible in the past.

Please see this post for clarity


What do you mean by a Macro, please?

I can open it this way:

It’s not applied. It becomes applied once I click the Apply button.

Let’s say I have three PLE presets

Preset A
Preset B
Preset C

I have these assigned to key commands, and I want Preset B because I know it is in the ballpark of what I am after.

Simply hitting the key command for Preset B will apply the P/LE preset right away.

But, I don’t want the exact values of Preset B, I want to alter them to a specific value pertaining to the specific material at hand.

A Macro was created ‘Open PLE Window’+‘Preset B’

this would open the PLE Window and then cue Preset B but not apply, and thus could enter the values, then hit apply.


Do you really mean a Macro, now? Do you have a screenshot of any kind of Macro, please?

This is unfortunately going nowhere, the problem has been explained multiple times, you cannot open a specific LE preset for editing with a shortcut anymore.

Martin, please re-read the thread, it has been explained multiple times.

yes key commands macro

open PLE window
desired PLE preset

in Macro

Macro assigned to key command

At least it’s getting bumped :wink:

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I post this again because there seems to be a breakdown in understanding what the users in this thread are asking for.

I want to Edit it.

Thread participants here are asking for only one thing, and that is this:

  • To open the PLE or LE and
  • then hit a key command that is assigned to a PLE preset to
  • have that preset open in the PLE without invoking its function.

Nothing more than that.


…because there may be a PLE parameter that needs to be changed to make the PLE applicable to your specific objective before actually executing it.

Hope that helps?