Open another instance of Wavelab - not available in WL9?

As a long-time Wavelab user, one of the most useful functions of good old Wavelab 6 was the ability to run multiple instances of the program at one time.

This was especially useful when mass-digitizing things (let’s say tapes) of different lengths - you didn’t have to wait for all your recordings to finish to move onto the next item.

For example, let’s say you’re digitizing 4 tapes at once with WL9. If tapes 1, 2 and 3 are 90 minutes long, but tape 4 only 30 minutes, then the machine playing tape 4 is sitting idle for the duration of the other tapes. Not so good!

Is there any way of getting this functionality back in WL9? I suspect not, but I’m ever hopeful…

If anyone has any ideas, that’d be great.

A similar question was posted recently in the WL8.5 forum. I would think the same applies to WL9:

It is possible, thanks to an hidden option. But no official support (and not tested for long)…

Add the key:


in startup.ini

Thanks folks - this is great!

I have used Philippe’s instructions for the Multi ini edit. It does work. You need to be vigilant regarding the instances because you need to keep the audio interfaces and drivers accounted for for each version you run. (It doesn’t remember which is which when what…) So, while you can do it, it is difficult to juggle if you’re busy/tried/low on sleep.