Open / Close EDITOR on INSERT for any given track what is the category and command?

Looking for the CATEGORY and COMMAND that I can use to map a button on my hardare controller (presonus faderport) to OPEN and CLOSE the EDITOR of teh INSERT. It is OK if this only works on the first insert.



I don’t think this is possible.

There is no hot key at all to open the INSERT editor? I can do it for CHANNEL and for VST instrument and its great. Looking to be able to do the same for the first insert … just a way to open and close the editor!

There is no native key command for it, but you can do it easily with midi and the generic remote midi. If you use Touch OSC or a keyboard program that translates key commands to midi (keyboard maestro on mac) mabye AHK on windows. Or just a generic midi keyboard and map some buttons or keys to open insert 1 etc of selected track.

i have arturia minilab mkii… possible to program a pad to do this?

ok cool i got it figured out. so this would have to be done on a per project basis using the generic remote. it cannot be “globally” done like a command that has a dedicated category and command. i have a button on my presonus faderport mapped to the INS EDIT for my gutiar group bus and it i working. i presume I wlll have to custom build this each time for each project for each track?


It is assigned to a specific Channel ID (number). Lets’ say your Guitar Group is at channel 24 in this project. Then the command will work on channel 24 on every single project. If you are using Project Templates, then it will work.

ok thanks. i have never setup generic remote, but have now the “Trns” button of my faderport mapped to the EDIT INSERT of the guitar buss! GREAT!

Hi, I’ve found a way to open, close, or bypass any insert of the selected channel, and if you have a pad controller just for that, all the better!