Open/Close Plugin on Selected track Key Commands

It is a bit annoying, but that goes for all “meta” keys that modifies function within cubase.
But this one seems to work with a focus on any cubase window. Some other require that you have focus on a specific windows. Like the MCU.

Hi,try this


hi pablin, thank you very much, thats the same solution I have found, but dint implement the bypass buttons, I will do it like you did, thank you!

For me is very useful!!!

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Yes Please! Doing a lot of dialogue mixing automation with the same set of plugins across multiple tracks gets real confusing when you have to double check you are not automating the wrong track insert!

Either automatically open/closing plugins by track selection (preference I guess) or these key commands would make things very smooooth in comparison.

ok 10 votes for me…essential for fast and happy workflow

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Incase anyone might have missed - close plugin is ‘esc’… simple as that. I have it programed to one of my mouse’s extra buttons.
to program a button to open all plugins for a specific track is not possible yet as far as I know but I use Shift+E to access the Edit Channel settings and from there it’s one click so it’s fine for me (and then I close it with the Esc mouse button).

Esc does not close the window for me nor does SHIFT+. You have to hold ALT+SHIFT+ ciick edit
In the end Cubase has a very flakey application for any result.
In generic remote,

  1. I execute a macro to open all plugins on selected track often 3-6 of them; button function is toggle
  2. When finished, I press button again which closes all plugin windows

you have to be focused on the console else it opens the strip settings

If you are on windows, AutoHotKey can solve virtually all of these key command issues. There is a learning curve in the beginning, but its definitely worth a look.