Open / Closed HiHat sample trigger via CC4 not working

Hi all,
long time Cubase user from back in the VST 24 days here and new to this board, new Cubase pro 8.5 and Groove Agent SE 4.
I use the 2box drumit 5 as hardware controller for acoustic agent in GA SE4. Currently running GA SE4 version

Went through creating a new hardware map, a corresponding drm map showing all the zones and all seems to be keying correctly. Able to trigger samples from the various instrument zones and the expected midi notes show up in the midi file.

At this point dealing with 2 remaining issues.

Cymbal choke function
The choke shows up in midi but does not choke the actual sample. When selecting “Note off” I get the edge choking the bow sample which sounds weird. Aftertouch and polypressure choke controller do not seem to do anything. Been experimenting with having GA learn the Choke CC without success.

HiHat Closed / Open function
Similar to cymbals, zone assignment seems as expected. The way 2Box works is that the different HH midi notes are for the different HH zones and it relies on controller data to translate the HH position is the correct closed vs open HH sample assignment. 2Box gives the option to select CC1 or CC4 for HH position. I’m able to see the nice detailed HH position data in real time in the CC4 lane with the CC4! setting in 2Box module. However the samples triggered all sound the same in both bow or edge zones regardless of HH position. Somehow Acoustic Agent does not react to the HH position data recorded in MIDI.

Ideas and thoughts? Has anyone had luck triggering acoustic agent with edrum hardware? Thanks in anticipation

I know this probably sounds crazy, but I have had exactly the same issues with GA SE 5. It was driving me nuts, I tried everything but no success, until, out of desperation I tried this. I switched the Groove Agent SE instrument from MIDI channel 10 to MIDI channel 1 - suddenly the CC4 works. I tried all the other MIDI channel options, but only Channel 1 allows the CC4 to function when playing back the track.
Just to make things stranger, none of this occurs with the same MIDI used in Groove Agent 5 (full version GA). i.e. the CC4 works whatever MIDI channel is selected for the instrument.
The only real difference I can see is that you select the MIDI channel in Groove Agent 5 in the instrument as well as in the Track Inspector, but only select the MIDI channel in the Track Inspector for Groove Agent SE 5.