Open .cpr with command O

My day of complains today :wink: Anyways, just tried to open a .cpr file via command+O. The finder shows me all files besides the .bak greyed, though “all file types” is chosen. Any one else?

Nope! I’ve opened tons of CPRs no prob.

You must have a filter in Finder?

Weird because it works with 7.5. No filter in the finder. Hm, no idea where I maybe screwed this up. Thanks for clarifying its not a bug. So right click in the finder and open with is now the only way :frowning:

Ok working again. Why? No idea, one of those things you don´t have to understand :wink:

As with all Apple devices, give it 30 minutes, and it just works!:wink:

Great, this stupid behave is back. So this is now accompaning the waiting for video device bug. And like this it appears and disappears on random basic. Nice …

Yeah, I’m getting all sorts of weird behaviours that are intermittent like this. I’m trying to find what could be causing this on some Macs, but not on any other, nearly-identical Macs!

Are you running any apps that modify OS X (TotalFinder, A Better Finder, etc)?

No nothing