Open Cubase 6 project in Cubase 5

I just did a quick test and it looked like Cubase 5 can open a project made in Cubase 6. But I would like a real confirmation that it is indeed 100% compatible to do so? So if I start a project on Cubase 6 and a friend continues it using Cubase 5, there would not be any problems?

there are many threads on tne forums linking you to the official “project compatibiity chart” on the steinberg page…

Saving in C6 adds extensions for transparencies, which are removed when opened and saved in C5.

I’ve started trialing C6 and I have no doubts as to being able to open a project in C5 and in any case I backup the project beforehand. In saying that audio files can be compressed into a .zip file and unpacked to a new directory, which you can then point the Cubase Media Pool to and recover any audio data.

Of course presets are compatible as well, so you can back up any VST settings to an arbitrary (single) file for later use but they are stored as part of project anyway so this may not be necessary.

If you have the full version of Cubase rather than the cheaper variants, you can even export ALL data to an archive (.xml file) and open this with ALL settings including media retained.

Thanks. I found this, if it’s what you meant there it doesn’t say it’s compatible.

But from the comments and my own findings, I asssume it’s quite safe with “simple” projects that are basically just full of midi tracks using different VST instruments, and perhaps a few audio tracks without any Cubase specific processing, just “raw”

Yes, that´s what I meant

Hi guys,

Is it possible to open a project what you made in Cubase 6.5 in Cubase 6


Officially, no. It MAY work in some cases but if you use a feature that exists in 6.5 but does not exist in 6 then there will likely be a problem.

I think officially they are (though I might as well be wrong). AFAIK V6 gives you project compatibility throughout the whole range. Whereas non existent fetaures of the higher versions are not available in lower versions.