Open Cubase Essential 4 projects in Cubase Artist 8.5


I’m real sorry if this is a stupid question and if the answer is real easy to find, but I cant figure out how to solve this.
I have a lot of projects done in ESSENTIALS 4 and now that I have just bought ARTIST 8.5 it wont atomatically find/replace the sounds from Halion one (or whatever version is in ES4).

So I have to go into each track and choose a new sound.

My question is: Is there a way to make this transition easier?

Many thanks!


No, there is no way, how to transfer sounds from HALion One to HALion Sonic SE automatically. The only one way is to install HALion One, and use it for these old tracks/sounds.

After installation, make sure, presets are visible in Cubase 8.5.