Open Dorico for iPad as non-registered version?

In the same way that Pro on the desktop can be opened as SE or Elements, is there a way of opening the iPad subscription version as “non-registered”, with just 2 players? Maybe having a keyboard attached and pressing some key or other as with the desktop?

The reason I ask is that as the basic iPad version is free, I’d like to be able to test it’s features when importing a score produced in Pro, but I have the lifetime subscription version, and don’t want to buy another iPad! (and create a new Apple acct etc)

The scenario is a choirmaster/band leader/uke group/teacher/etc who sets up the score in Pro, but wants his/her ensemble to be able to import it into the basic free iPad app for study/rehearsals and so on.

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No, I’m afraid there’s no way to do this.

if the player count is bigger than 2 it will open
Anyhow in a read only mode, but it should look all the same.
So I think it’s pretty clear what to expect.

Actually it’s not: for instance, it wouldn’t be possible to select a note for playback from that point for example. (That’s why it’s so handy to be able to open SE on the desktop to see what else is affected.) So, to make sure what is actually available in the 2 player version of the iPad app it’s necessary to test things on that actual version.