Open Editor - separate setting for each type of Editor

Hi, I wish Cubase would give us a separate setting for each type of editor.
For example, this is my workflow and preferences:

  • Key Editor - separate window
  • Sampler - separate window
  • Melodyne - separate window
  • SpectraLayers - Lower Zone

Since we have Extensions, only two settings “Double-click” or “Open Editor Commands” are insufficient. We can’t even do Double-click or add a key shortcut to a specific Extension.
It’s either this or that for every Editor. So no matter which setting I choose, for some Editors, I still have to additionally either click to open it in a separate window or click to move it to the Lower Zone.

If not, then please let us assign a key to (currently non-existent) “Open SpectraLayers for the selected audio event” and “Open Melodyne for the selected audio event” which will work as “Open Editor Commands” in Preferences. It would allow for a better window management already.


I fully support your idea; I’d just like to add that there’s also a Key Command for switching between Lower Zone and Editor Window:
Editors > Open/Close Editor (Default: Return)
It works with both Cubase Editors and Track Extensions.

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