'Open fades Editor' two separate boxes?

Ummm , I don’t remember this, i thought the Fades editor was all one box for In/out fades but now it opens two separate boxes both on top of each other ?

is this correct ?

This is the way it’s always been for me – one for fade-ins and the other for fade-outs. Perhaps you are thinking of the Crossfades Editor, which covers both sides of the crossfade in a single editor window?

I could be Paul but i still don’t remember having two boxes on top of each other thinking " Ok that’s out , where’s the in"

They do seem to cover each other up (at least by default on my system – maybe repositioning them once would help it remember???), but, at least for me, this isn’t new to Cubase 13.

IMHO, it’s always been an awkward dance juggling those windows. I tend not to use them all that often as I make my default fade ins and outs the curves I use most of the time, thus only needing to open them when a particular curve needs something different. (I mostly only use them when editing vocal comps, since I use Instrument tracks for almost all instruments.)

The Fade-out window is always above the fade-in one. I saw requests to fix it on this forum in the past and as far as I remember it was always like that (at least a few versions back).

I’m moving those two windows hundreds of times every week.
I dream about a one window where both fade in and out are. It would save me a lot of time.

Ahhhhh ok , feature request tag added , seems like a version like the crossfades box would be better ?

Absolutely. Moving the fade-out window to see fade-in one every single time is no fun :wink:

If you dig here you should find the same feature request or at least topics about it.

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