Open files on Win7 32 bit that were recorded on Win7 64 bit

Hi all, first time poster here. Quick question: I recorded some stuff on a friend’s DAW. He’s running cubase le 5 with a zoom recorder for his interface. I’m using cubase le 5 also but with a scarlett 2i4 interface.
My windows 7 is 32 bit but I think his is 64.
I’d like to get a copy of the project files from him and open them up in my cubase. What kind of problems should I expect when I try to do that?
I’m expecting that some of the plug-ins won’t work, and I’m pretty sure I’ll need to rename my input and output busses in order to get the inputs and outputs to match up. ls there anything else I should be aware of?

You’ll want to make sure that the sample rate on your audio card’s driver is set the same as it is in his project. Inputs/outputs are cake. Any plug-ins you don’t have that he used in the project will of course not work. Any devices he used will likely show up as unmapped. Be sure not to get just the project files, but rather the whole project folder, as by default your pool will set the record folder somewhere inside the same folder that your project file is in. That way your audio files SHOULD be scanned automatically, if not you can do it yourself.