Open fx plugins with midi controller with the new midi remote manager in cubase 12

I have updated to cubase 12 pro and it’s been great so far.
I’ve been experimenting with the new midi remote manager and I’d like to assign some buttons in my X-Touch to open fx plugins, do you know if this is possible? There is no command for that in the browser but you never know.
Thanks in advance for your help!!


This function is not implemented at this moment. It has been discussed here on the forum already.

Hi Martin,

Thanks for your comments, I hope Steinberg implements this function in a coming update.
Hopefully the generic remote and MCU protocols remain in cubase for a long time.

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I want to open as i did with generetic control open vst (SPAN) on instert 12 on main channel
I use this all the time but i don’t how to make it work now in cubase 12?

yes! I’m using the generic remote with an X-Touch Mini to open and bypass the first 8 slots, super handy… and the 8 knobs control the 8 sends’ levels and bypass :wink: